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Index.pngTopicTopicTopicsA Topic is a Concept/Class/Thing/Entity


A Topic is a Concept/Class/Thing/Entity

Example Topics

Action, Context, Family, Fixme, Person, Property, SMW Type, Topic, TopicLink


Topic cargoShould the Topic be stored using the Cargo Extension?Types/Booleancargouse cargofalsefalse
Topic contextTypes/Pagecontextcontext
Topic defaultstoremodeThe default storemode of the topicTypes/Textdefaultstoremodedefault storemodenone,property,subobjectfalsefalse
Topic documentationThe plaintext documentation of a Topic. Please do not use markup for this.Types/Textdocumentationdocumentationfalsefalse
Topic headerTabsshall the forms be generated with header tabs?Types/BooleanheaderTabsheaderTabsfalsefalse
Topic iconan Icon for the topicTypes/Pageiconiconfalsetrue
Topic iconUrlthe url of an iconTypes/CodeiconUrlicon Urlfalsefalse
Topic listLimitWhat is the default #ask list limit for this Topic?Types/NumberlistLimitlist Limitfalsefalse
Topic nameThe name of the topicTypes/Textnamenametruefalse
Topic pluralNameThe plural of a topic name. E.g. for the topic 'City' the pluralName is 'Cities'. If no pluralName is specified an 's' is appended. E.g. for the topic 'Book' the default pluralName is 'Books'Types/TextpluralNamepluralNamefalsefalse
Topic wikiDocumentationDocumentation of the Topic using MediaWiki / Semantic Mediawiki markupTypes/TextwikiDocumentationwikiDocumentationfalsefalse


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