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Index.pngTopicTopicTopicsA Topic is a Concept/Class/Thing/Entity



ActionActionActionsActionicon.pngActionicon.pngAn action/function/operation to be performedAn action/function/operation to be performedsubobjectfalseMetaModel
ContextContextContextsRegistry.pngRegistry.pngA Context groups some topics like a Namespace/PackageA Context groups some topics like a Namespace/PackagepropertyMetaModel
FamilyFamilyFamiliesFamily-icon48px.png48px-10415.svg.pngIn most societies, the family is the principal institution for the socialization of children.see WikiPedia Article on FamilypropertyfalseFamilyContext
FixmeFixmeFixmesFixmeIcon.pngFixmeIcon.pngI mark something that needs to be fixed optionally with what needs to be doneI mark something that needs to be fixed optionally with what needs to be donesubobjectfalseProfiWikiContext
PersonPersonPersonsPersonIcon.pngPersonIcon.pngA Person is a human beingpropertyfalseFamilyContext
PropertyPropertyPropertiesElement into input.pnghttp://images/6/6a/Element into input.pnga Property is a Feature/Attribute of a Topicsee propertyMetaModel
SMW TypeSMW_TypeSMW_TypesComponent.pngComponent.pngan SMW_Type is a data type which determines the possible values for that type e.g. a Boolean can hold true/fals values while a Number can hold 3.1459 or 20. A Page can hold the name of a Wiki page see
  • subobjectMetaModel
    TopicTopicTopicsIndex.pngIndex.pngA Topic is a Concept/Class/Thing/EntityA Topic is a Concept/Class/Thing/EntitypropertyfalseMetaModel
    TopicLinkTopicLinkTopicLinksLink.pngLink.pngA TopicLink links two ConceptsA TopicLink links two Concept:TopicssubobjectMetaModel