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Maria Fahl, Wolfgang Fahl

The Royal family[edit]

CharlotteOfCambridge2016.jpgPrince George of Cambridge color fix.jpgPrince Henry 2010.jpgPrince William of Wales RAF.jpgCamilla and Kate cropped.jpgThe Earl of Wessex in 2011 cropped.jpgМеждународная Леонардо-премия 18 (cropped 2).jpgPríncipe André do Reino Unido.jpgSarah Ferguson in Leeds 2008.jpgPrincesa Ana do Reino Unido.jpgPrince Charles 2012.jpgMark Phillips 1980.jpgDuchess of Cornwall 2012.JPGPrincess Margaret.jpgQueen Elizabeth II - 1953-Dress.JPG

The Persons above are easily recognized. They are Royals.

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