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Element into input.pngPropertyPropertyPropertiesa Property is a Feature/Attribute of a Topic



Action actionpageactionpageactionpageTypes/Page5falsefalsefalse
Property:Action actionpage
What page will 'steer' this action?trueAction
Property allowedValuesallowedValuesallowedValuesTypes/Text13falsefalse50falseThere are two ways to specified allowed Values:
    Use Property:Allows_value to see which values are allowed for certain properties
    values=possible values - Specifies a set of either possible values or autocompletion values (depending on the input type) that this field can have, overriding whatever set of values may have been set from the Semantic MediaWiki property. This set of values is separated by commas by default, but the delimiter can be modified using the delimiter= parameter.
If you specify any values method number 2 will be used here which might override any allowed Values specified with method number 1.
Action authorauthorauthorTypes/Page8falsefalsefalsecomboboxthe author of this action
Person birthPlacebirthPlacebirthPlaceTypes/Text10The location where the person was bornPerson
Person bornbornbornTypes/Date7falsefalsefalsedatetimeThe date the person was bornfalsePerson
Topic cargocargouse cargoTypes/Boolean9falsefalsefalseShould the Topic be stored using the Cargo Extension?falseTopic
Family childOfchildOfchildOfTypes/Text7Family
Person childOfchildOfchildOfTypes/Pagedropdown
Action commentcommentcommentTypes/Text10falsefalse400falsetextareaa comment for the actionfalseAction
Topic contextcontextcontextTypes/Pagedropdown
Property defaultValuedefaultValuedefaultTypes/Code11falsefalse80falsedefault value - Specifies a default value for this field. For date-related fields, default=now will set the value to the current date and possibly time. For text fields, default=current user will set the value to the username of the user adding this page. For the checkbox input type, default=yes will check the checkbox by default. (The 'checkboxes' input type, on the other hand, like the 'listbox' type, requires specifying the actual values, like default=Value A, Value C.) You can also include templates, parser functions, and magic words within the 'default=' value. see (default)Property
Topic defaultstoremodedefaultstoremodedefault storemodeTypes/Text7falsefalse50falseradiobuttonnone,property,subobjectThe default storemode of the topicTopic
Person dieddieddiedTypes/Date11falsefalsefalsethe date the person diedfalsePerson
Person diedAtdiedAtdiedAtTypes/Text12The location where the person diedPerson
Family divorceddivorceddivorcedTypes/Boolean6falsefalsefalsefalseFamily
Topic documentationdocumentationdocumentationTypes/Text5falsefalse50falseThe plaintext documentation of a Topic. Please do not use markup for this.Topic
Property documentationdocumentationdocumentationTypes/Text14falsefalse500falsetextareaThe documentation for a propertyProperty
SMW Type documentationdocumentationtypeTypes/Text2falsefalse50falseThe documentation of this Semantic Media Wiki typeSMW Type
Fixme donedonedoneTypes/Boolean1falsetruefalse
Has this been done?falseFixme
Action engineengineengineTypes/Text7falsefalsefalse
radiobuttonrythm,freemarkerthe template engine to be used either Rythm or FreemarkertrueAction
Topic headerTabsheaderTabsheaderTabsTypes/Boolean10falsefalsefalseshall the forms be generated with header tabs?trueTopic
SMW Type helppagehelppagetypeTypes/URL3falsefalse50falseThe url of the 'official' documentation page of this typeSMW Type
Family husbandOfhusbandOfhusbandOfTypes/Page9comboboxthe male head of family/ father
Topic iconiconiconTypes/Page3falsefalseFile55truean Icon for the topicfalseTopic
Topic iconUrliconUrlicon UrlTypes/URL4falsefalse80falsetextthe url of an iconfalseTopic
Property indexindexindexTypes/Number4falsefalsefalseA positive number that specifies at which position of a Topic the given property should show. The first property to show has the index 1 each following property has an index that is +1 of the previous.trueProperty
Action inputinputinputTypes/Code4falsefalse300falsetextareathe decription of the input e.g. a page name, url or SMW ask querytrueAction
Property inputTypeinputTypeinputTypeTypes/Text12falsefalse50falsedropdowntext, combobox, dropdown, textarea, tree, datetime, datepicker, timepicker, datetimepicker, menuselect,two listboxes, datecheck, regexp, radiobutton, googlemapssee Property
Action inputtypeinputtypeinputtypeTypes/Text3falsefalsefalse
radiobuttonQuery,Page,URLWhat is the type of the input?trueAction
Property isLinkisLinkisLinkTypes/Boolean17falsefalsefalsetrue if this Property is derived form a Link. It will not be exported to SiDIF separately and automatically be added by the Property GeneratorfalseProperty
SMW Type javaTypejavaTypejava TypeTypes/Text5falsefalse50falseJava mapping of this typeSMW Type
Property labellabellabelTypes/Text2falsefalse50falseThe label to be shown when in a formProperty
Topic listLimitlistLimitlist LimitTypes/Number8falsefalse4false
What is the default #ask list limit for this Topic?trueTopic
Property mandatorymandatorymandatoryTypes/Boolean7falsefalse4falseSpecifies that this field must be filled in by the user. Note: mandatory should not be used in conjunction with hidden. Use of both in any field will cause the mandatory check on any field to fail when the form is saved. see
Context mastermastermasterTypes/URL3falsefalsefalsewhat is the original master source of this contexttrueContext
TopicLink masterDetailmasterDetailmasterDetailTypes/Boolean10falsefalsefalseshould the details be displayed in the same form and template?

If no

  • for a 1:1 link there will be a linking attribute used and that can be selected.
  • for a 1:n link a link to the list of neighbours will be displayed

if yes

  • for a 1:1 link the details
  • for a 1:n link
Person monthBornmonthBornmonthBornTypes/Number9The month the person was bornPerson
Person monthDiedmonthDiedmonthDiedTypes/Number14The month the person diedPerson
Family monthMarriedmonthMarriedmonthMarriedTypes/Number5Family
Action namenamenameTypes/Text0truetruefalseThe name of the ActionAction
Topic namenamenameTypes/Text1truetrue80falseThe name of the topicTopic
Property namenamenameTypes/Text11truetrue50falseThe name of the propertyProperty
Context namenamenameTypes/Text11truetrue80falseName of the contextContext
TopicLink namenamenameTypes/Text1falsefalse50falseThe name of the topic linkTopicLink
Person namenamenameTypes/Text3falsetruefalseThe full name of the personfalsePerson
Family namenamenameTypes/Text1falsetruefalsethe name of the familyfalseFamily
Property namespacenamespacenamespaceTypes/Text8falsefalse20falsenamespace prefixProperty
Person noInLinenoInLinenoInLineTypes/Number15falsefalsefalsethe number in Line to the Throne of this persontruePerson
Person nobleTitlenobleTitlenobleTitleTypes/Text4The noble title of the personPerson
Property nullablenullableallow nulls?Types/Boolean18falsefalsefalse
should nullvalues be allowed and value set to NULL when empty?falseProperty
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