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Family-icon48px.pngFamilyFamilyFamiliesIn most societies, the family is the principal institution for the socialization of children.


see WikiPedia Article on Family

Example Families

F0, F1, F12, F14, F16, F2, F39, F42, F46, F7


Family childOfTypes/TextchildOfchildOf
Family divorcedTypes/Booleandivorceddivorcedfalsefalse
Family husbandOfthe male head of family/ fatherTypes/PagehusbandOfhusbandOf
Family monthMarriedTypes/NumbermonthMarriedmonthMarried
Family namethe name of the familyTypes/Textnamenametruefalse
Family parentOfthe person that the nobleTitle is inheritable fromTypes/PageparentOfparentOf
Family weddingDateThe date of the weddingTypes/DateweddingDateweddingDatefalsefalse
Family weddingPlaceTypes/TextweddingPlaceweddingPlace
Family wifeOfthe female head of family / motherTypes/PagewifeOfwifeOf
Family yearMarriedTypes/NumberyearMarriedyearMarriedfalsefalse


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