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name  SMW_Type
pluralName  SMW_Types
icon  Component.png
icon Url  /images/4/40/Component.png
documentation  an SMW_Type is a data type which determines the possible values for that type e.g. a Boolean can hold true/fals values while a Number can hold 3.1459 or 20. A Page can hold the name of a Wiki page see
wikiDocumentation  see
default storemode  subobject
list Limit  
use cargo  
context  MetaModel


SMW Type documentationdocumentationtypeTypes/Text2falsefalse50falseThe documentation of this Semantic Media Wiki typeSMW Type
SMW Type helppagehelppagetypeTypes/URL3falsefalse50falseThe url of the 'official' documentation page of this typeSMW Type
SMW Type javaTypejavaTypejava TypeTypes/Text5falsefalse50falseJava mapping of this typeSMW Type
SMW Type typetypetypeTypes/Text1truetrue50falseThe Semantic MediaWiki type without the prefix e.g. Text, Number, BooleanSMW Type
SMW Type typepagetypepagetypepageTypes/Page4falsefalse50falseThe Semantic Media Wiki Special page for this specific type e.g. Special:Types/Text, Special:Types/Boolean, Special:Types/Date, Special:Types/Number, Special:Types/PageSMW Type
SMW Type usedByPropertiesusedByPropertiesusedByPropertiesTypes/Pagedropdownthe properties having this type
SMW Type





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